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We invite person-centered and experiential practitioners to make a contribution to the PCE 2014 inspired by their therapeutic practice, whatever their setting is, their socio-cultural context, the type of clients they are working with and their theoretical viewpoints. We equally invite all researchers, theoreticians, trainers and supervisors to involve themselves in depth in the conference topic and to present at the conference their findings and new insights relating to diversity. We hope to foster an exciting exchange of ideas. The presentations on other topics are also most welcome.Please read the guidelines below carefully before submitting your presentation.

The deadline for submissions is JUNE 15, 2014.

1. Submitting an abstract for presentation at PCE 2014 does not constitute registration for the conference. Presenters must register to attend PCE2014 by following the instructions for registration on the conference website The abstracts of accepted presentations will only be taken up in the official program after registration of the presenter/s.

2. A main/first author can only have a maximum of  three presentations during the conference

3. The languages of the Conference will be Spanish and English. All presenters should bear in mind that papers will be offered to an international audience whose first language may not be Spanish or English. Clarity of articulation is important and also delivery at a measured pace. Comprehensible powerpoint slides are of high importance to support the oral presentation.

4. Although the main languages of the conference will be Spanish and English, the conference organizers will accommodate a limited number of parallel sessions in other languages to ensure the international character of the conference.

5. There will be three types of presentation at the conference. Please read the description below.

These are individual presentations of 45 minutes (with at least 10 minutes discussion time) that may have a theoretical, clinical or research-based character. They may report on clinical case studies, theoretical issues, research studies, service evaluations, etc.
These are events in which a debate on a given topic is encouraged. They usually consist of the presentation of 2-3 papers within a total period of 90 minutes, with the final 20 minutes reserved foraudience participation.The roundtables will be coordinated by a moderator.
These are 90-minute events that have an experiential character. They focus on a specific clinical skill or therapeutic approach.  They are didactic and interactive in nature, in the sense that participants are actively involved and practice the skill or approach. For example, there may be workshops about empathy responses, focusing skills, emotion-focused techniques, interpersonal process work, working with specific client processes, dream work, etc.
The Abstract can be considered as a reduced version of the work in order to enable the reader to determine its relevance to his/her interests and, therefore, to decide if he/she is interested in the entire work.
  • The Abstract should focus on the key points of the work. It has to be written in a single paragraph of 150-300 words without using indentation.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The presenting author will receive a letter with the result of the review and the Scientific Committee’s decision on the abstract. 
  • With the submission of an abstract to PCE 2014, the corresponding author
      accepts responsibility for the content of the submitted abstract
      accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence about the abstract

Presenters are encouraged to offer their papers for publication in PCEP, the journal of the WAPCEPC.

For those interested in having their complete paper published, it must meet the corresponding requirements for publication of papers.
To see rules, please click here.

Online Work Presentation

5 max
Max 300 words